Marcia Tiago

Marcia Tiago

Entrepreneur and Project Manager in Miami, Florida

About Marcia

Marcia Tiago is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and project manager with more than 19 years experience successfully operating in the private sector.

Originally from Brazil, Marcia completed her university degree in Business Administration in her home country, eventually translating that credential into a role with Cummings Diesel Engine, an international heavy machinery concern. After some time, she was transferred to the company’s regional headquarters in Miami, Florida, where she worked in the marketing department for five years. Once settled in the United States, Marcia Tiago earned a Master’s degree in business.

In 2005, Marcia and her husband conceived and launched their own business, Alaska Inc., a DVD and CD wholesaler targeting customers in Latin America. However, as time passed, the sale of DVDs and CDs declined as the mediums fell out of favor with consumers across the world. In reaction to this, Alaska, Inc. refocused its efforts on wholesaling cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Marcia Tiago is still based out of Miami, Florida, where she resides with her husband. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Just Love Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that provides aid to orphaned children in Africa.

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